Special Applications

  • Seasonal clients: Some professions have a busy season and a slow season. We can help support you during those busy seasons; then turn your account "off" when your staff are able to manage the call volume coming in.
  • Vacation accounts: We can be a backup to your business on an "as needed" basis. This may include:
    • A receptionist being on vacation or out sick
    • Staff all out on service calls so no one is available to answer the office phone
    • Closing early due to bad weather
    • Closing for a company picnic or meeting
  • Overflow during business hours: Your phone provider can set your phone to automatically transfer to us if you get a spike in calls at any one time. This allows your callers to always be answered by a live person instead of going on hold or into a voice mail.
  • Disaster Recovery: Do you need to have a plan in the event something affects your day to day operations? How will your customers get through to you if your facility has a major fire? How can you process calls if a tornado slammed your building? Our 24x7 staff can help as you focus on handling the catastrophe.

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