Pricing / Advantages

24x7 RSVP Pricing

Basic service includes taking participants' names and number attending (up to 200 invitations) and sending the information to an email address or a voice mailbox (which will be provided for client's convenience.) Relaying registry information, lodging, phone numbers, and the time, date and place of ceremony and reception to caller, is also included.

$ 139.95

200 Invitations • $30.00 Setup & $ 109.95 Basic Service

Additional Services

+$ 45.00

Additional 100 Invitations

+$ 30.00

Final Printout of all guests for 200 Responses

+$ 12.00

Additional 100 guest Responses Printout

+$ 20.00

Separate tallies for children and/or adults attending for 200

+$ 12.00

Additional 100 guest tallies

+$ 20.00

Verification of spelling of all names for 200 place cards

+$ 10.00

Additional 100 spelling verification

+$ 29.95

Verification of dinner entree for 200 Invitations

+$ 12.00

Additional 100 Response Verifications

+$ 49.95

Secretary calling Non-respondant guests

+$ 29.95

Varification of usage of shuttle runs

+$ 12.00

Each additional 100 invitaions

+$ 20.00

Varification of callers on Bride and Groom's Guest List

+$ 10.00

Revision of Guest List to: Alphabetical Last, First ect

The Advantages

We save you MONEY

Example: 200 guests • We save you over $ 100!

$98.00Pre-stamped wedding RSVPs, 200 envelopes with postage
$100.00Cost of 200 RSVP cards, envelopes, & printing charges (an average)
$42.00Cost of extra postage weight from cards and envelopes ($.21 x 200)
$240.00Total RSVP Cost WITHOUT our service

$240.00Your Total RSVP Cost WITHOUT our service
-124.9524X7 RSVP Basic Service
$113.05Your SAVINGS by using Twenty4Seven RSVP Service

We save you TIME

The personal secretary will record the caller’s name, and document the names and number of people attending the event with the caller. We will also provide or reconfirm information for your guest, such as time, date, location, and, if needed, a number to call for directions. Your guests may inquire about bridal registry information or ask us to verify lodging information for out-of-town guests. Rely on us to save you time.

Twenty Four Seven Pricing Information