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24x7 RSVP Service
Will my guests' calls be answered by someone overseas?
How long have you been providing an RSVP service?
May I call anytime to get a toll-free number?
Bridal and Formal Attire
Do you have a retail or on-line store where you sell bridal gowns or tuxes for the grooms?
Do you bake or decorate cakes?
My caterer needs to have a final count "two weeks" before my event. Will you continue to answer and provide me with guest information after that date?
Are we allowed to make changes to our account after it has been set up?
When I set up my account we had not completed our bridal registry. Should we let you know where we've registered?
Computer Updates
I am not very computer literate. If I have trouble using your website is there someone to assist me?
I do not have a computer. Is there still a way that I can utilize your RSVP Service?
Consumer Trust
My upcoming event is extremely important to me! How do I know that I can trust you to handle my event?
My "friend" told me she called our RSVP toll-free number, but I have no record of it.
What do the letters R.S.V.P. stand for?
Credit Cards
I don't have a credit/debit card, may I pay by check?
Which credit cards do you accept?
Event Center
Can you schedule an event center for me?
Event Planner
Can you help me establish a timetable for things that need to be done for my event?
Final Printouts
In what format will my final printout be?
Can you help me with bouquets or table flowers?
Guest List
Do I need to send you my guest list so that you know who will be calling?
I have several guests that have not replied to my invitation. Can you help me?
Do you sell or design invitations?
Will I need to send an RSVP card with my invitation if my guests will be responding by calling a toll-free number?
Phone Numbers
Should I put a "1" before my toll-free number when I have it printed on my invitation or brochure?
Do I have to pay extra to have a toll-free number for out-of-town guests?
How long will it take to get my toll-free number?
Will I get a toll-free number for my guests to call?
How long will my toll-free number last?
When do I need to get my number?
What RSVP Means?
Registration Information Form
Why didn't I get an email with my account password sent to me?
Start/End Date
When does my service start?
When does my service end?